Container Weighing and IMO relgulations

PENKO products help companies meet new IMO regulations

As a new regulation passed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) nears implementation, PENKO Engineering B.V. is uniquely positioned to help companies ensure compliance.

In 2014, the 169 member countries of the London-based IMO passed a new regulation to strengthen its existing Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention. The new law requires all shipping containers to be accurately weighed, with the weight verifiable before they are allowed to be loaded onto vessels. The regulation will go into effect worldwide on July 1st, 2016.

The new regulation was put in place to help guarantee the safety of ship and harbour crews. It is also intended to prevent accidents that can occur when ship contents fall overboard because a stack of containers' centre of gravity is positioned too high or when a ship rocks, causing LASH (lighter aboard ship) vessels to be overloaded and break. Container stacks sometimes collapse because goods are incorrectly piled, and when a boat is not evenly balanced, it can affect a ship's trajectory. Proper weighing and declaration can help avoid these situations. PENKO equipment can take the guesswork out of weighing shipping loads, making the process of getting accurate results very easy. The products can also help ensure that loads won't be rejected by the ship owner for not being properly weighed and verified.

PENKO weighing equipment can be located in an overhead crane, in a weighbridge, or surface mounted using different configurations, like a beam frame. They can work with shipping containers of many sizes, from 10 feet to a maximum of 45 feet in length, and weighing up to 35,000 kilograms. Modern weighing systems rely on sensors that "translate" force into an electrical signal, and additional electronics which visualise the mass and prepare information for further processing. PENKO offers high quality sensors, including load cells -- models 220, 460 or 740 -- along with loading assemblies ideal for weighing shipping containers. The sensor's signals are processed by indicators -- such as SGM800, 1020 or FLEX-2100 -- which give a precise readout for the most accurate results. And PENKO's FLEX four-channel controller can even show a container's centre of gravity, so a container can be balanced evenly on a ship.

"Our office is located near the Port of Rotterdam - Europe's largest shipping port," explains PENKO Technical and Sales Manager Vincent van der Wel. "We have decades of experience working with shipping cargo and maritime laws, giving our clients peace of mind that their cargo will be safely and lawfully managed."

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