In the clouds with PENKO

Big data is a widely used term. It is important to find out what big data can do for you. More importantly, who can help you introduce this within your production environment? PENKO has developed a number of specific solutions and has implemented these at various customers in different industries. The PENKO controllers collect your current production data, product names, weights, lot numbers, date and time; and so on. This data is sent to a secure, customer-specific database in the cloud with the help of WiFi or the GSM network. The customer can then access the raw data from his computer, tablet or smartphone via a customized web portal, as well as develop overviews, graphs, etc. Naturally, your valuable data is well protected. You decide who can join and how long the information remains available.

By using the cloud you can see in real time what is happening in your production environment. The value of this can translate in many ways into a more efficient way of production. The PENKO team is happy to think along with you on how best to cash in on the value of big data!

This is an advantage if you need a view on data distributed across multiple locations. Subsequently data can be extracted and analyzed for further decision making.  

Of course your valuable data and / or trade secrets are well protected through stringent security measures. Only you decide who has access and for how long the information remains available.

In this way your entire organization reaps the benefits. Purchasing, quality control, shipping as well as management has access to all production data and statuses at their fingertips and everyone can respond adequately when required.

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