Factory Automation

  • Factory Automation

    Factory Automation integrates production resources and software for efficient manufacturing. PENKO applies years of expertise and research in its engineering, PLC programming, and automation offering. We optimize processes using customization. A phased approach includes analysis, customized engineering, employee coaching, ICT integration, and machine control. The balance that we provide between ‘Human, Machine, Method, and Measurement’ results in increased productivity, quality, and issue prevention.

    Machine Automation Software


    PENKO’s advanced software solutions give you an in-depth look into all of the data you use for your factory automation processes. This detailed insight is easily accessible and valuable
    for you to have flexibility and improved efficiency of
    the production system.
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    Machine Automation Professional Services

    Professional Services

    At PENKO we offer a variety of professional services to help your production with the full factory automation and system integration processes. Our experts offer customized solutions, professional consulting, and end-to-end support to ensure a smooth and effective production process.
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    Factory Automation Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    Whether you want to automate entire production processes, upgrade existing systems or have to replace individual components – PENKO is at your disposal. From small accessories, load cells to programmable logic controllers, you can rely on quick delivery times and perfect service.
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    Floor Scale - Leveling


    Scales are the heart of measuring weights and vital parts for factory automation. Heavy duty, multi-functional and highly accurate. Find out more of PENKO’s machine offering.

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