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    PENKO Engineering B.V. have developed a range of solutions and products to provide high speed grading on the mass of a product which has diverse shapes, sizes and/or weights. Our unique way of measuring, high speed and high resolution, offers outstanding suppression of unwanted dynamic effects.

    This type of weigher is designed for the grading of goods with differences in the mass per piece, in general natural products. Doing so lots of goods with similar weights are created. In fact these weighers have something in common with check weighers. The main difference is selection is not made on “good” or “wrong, but on the grade. Each grade has its own bandwidth and its own pusher. As the lots are a product or a number of products for trade, the instruments are certified in confirmation with the European Directive MID and OIML-recommendation R51. Additionally such a system can automatically create an e-mark protocol for small packages, ≤ 10 kg. 
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    Product Name

    Our expertise is found in, but not limited to the following industrial areas: 
    • fruit, such as apples, tomatoes and cucumbers
    • vegetables, such as lettuce and heads of broccoli
    • eggs
    • fish

    PENKO Engineering B.V. have developed a range of solutions and products to provide high quality dosing and mixing of raw materials on weight.  

    The dosing process takes place in the factory “kitchen”.  This is where product is made based on a specific recipe. From a chemical point of view, the only way to do this correctly is by means of weighing. Each individual molecule has its own specific mass. So when components are dosed accurately based on gravimetric principles, the ratio and the mix will always be correct. In any successful process control system accurate and fast weighing is a vital element.

    A good start to any process control is the extensive experience of PENKO Engineering B.V. of integrated weighing and dosing process understanding and relevant instruments to do the job.

    For gravimetric controlled dosing and mixing processes the choice is between continuous or batching. A continuous process can look like:
    For batching you can choose weighing//dosing:

    • in the mixer
    • on the conveyor to the mixer
    • in a separate hopper weigher before the mixer

    Product Name 

    As a matter of course this equipment is also available for hazardous areas, meaning for
    an environment where there is a risk for dust or gas explosions.

    Supporting software for production control, tracking and tracing,
    stock control, maintenance facilities and much more is available.
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    Our expertise are to be found but not limited in the following industrial areas

    • food processing
    • chemical industries
    • feed mills
    • concrete plants
    • confectionary works
    • pharmacy   paints and inks