Rovema Benelux upgrades with PENKO’s multihead solution

Multihead -1

Leading manufacturer of packaging machines – Rovema Benelux selects PENKO’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Omega to upgrade its existing system with a new multihead and powerful control.

Rovema Benelux builds and develops packaging machines and lines which meet the complex requirements of the modern circular economy. At the start of the year, the company advised that their current electronics and multihead system was outdated and could do with an upgrade. The team at PENKO came up with a solution which offered the most advanced technology and quick, accurate measuring results: the Omega.

Although Omega was a completely different system to what Rovema Benelux have used in the past, PENKO worked closely with the company to ensure that the system was properly implemented to suit their business needs. Omega was selected to replace the existing dated system as it offers an expansion of the multihead to 128 PLC cards without losing speed or accuracy in the filling process.

In addition to this, the Omega is based on a Codesys PLC – an international programming language – which allows Rovema Benelux to make adaptations to their specific program so it suits their own business needs. Adjustments can be made in the software when using Omega which also saves time for the team at Rovema Benelux who previously had to conduct this with third parties.

Jan Roseboom, service engineer at Rovema Benelux comments on how impressed he is with Omega’s ability to allow for modifications to the software itself. “The use of Codesys with Omega has resulted in easier access and saving time with shorter lines of communication between Rovema and the PENKO technical service team. Previously when the configuration tool – PI – used a PENKO programming language, a high level of technical knowledge was required, so now that Codesys is in place we can effectively write our own software program with ease.”