• At PENKO we offer a variety of innovative products which are designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your
    weighing operations. Our products are compatible with a vast range of weighing equipment, including scales, balances, and weighbridges for both factory automation and machine automation. We understand the importance of precise weighing
    in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, and manufacturing. That's why our products are
    designed to streamline weighing processes, reduce errors, and provide real-time data analysis.

    Factory Automation Product Line

    Factory Automation

    Whether you want to automate entire production processes, upgrade existing systems or have to replace individual components – PENKO is at your disposal. From small accessories, load cells to programmable logic controllers, you can rely on quick delivery times and perfect service.

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    Machine Automation Product Line

    Machine Automation

    Discover PENKO’s machine automation offering to optimize your industrial processes and increase productivity. Our advanced machinery and software are specifically designed to benefit your business. Your tasks will be executed efficiently and flawlessly whilst saving you precious time, reducing costs and errors, and improving quality.

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