• Overview of PENKO software tools.
  • Pi Mach II

    Pi Mach II is a comprehensive freeware program for monitoring and configuration of PENKO devices. Available features are firmware update manager, manage tool for all parameters, oscilloscope functionality to explore filters and programming and visualization tools for the FLEX and FLEX2100 range. USB drivers are included in the installer. 

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    Job Manager XE

    Job Manager freeware is additional software to PI to assist in organising custom made programs for FLEX and FLEX2100.

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    PDI Client

    PDI Client is a cross-platform freeware program for easy monitoring and configuration of PENKO devices. PDI Client is compatible with the PENKO FLEX series, FLEX2100 series, 1020 series, SGM700/800 series and RIO/RIA700 series. Only USB communication is supported. The minimum required Java Runtime Environment is version 1.8.0. Installation guide and USB drivers for Windows are included. 

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    PENKO USB Drivers

    USB drivers for the FLEX range, FLEX2100 range, 1020 range, SGM700/800 range and RIO/RIA700 range.  

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    An active-X component for Microsoft Office©  to enable import and export of data to and from a PENKO controllers. This very powerful package requires some knowledge of Visual Basic.  

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    While the E-mark certificate indicates compliance with European directives for trade, PENKO recognized the value-add for massive amounts of savings in terms of production time and products for any process manufacturer.

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